Limited Edition Farms participates in a Crop Share program, as well as canning and processing all of our own produce in house. Our long term plan is to expand, using greenhouses and participate in Farm to School programs, although it would be exciting to produce for Retirement communities or hospitals as well. 


SEASONS AVAILABLE: are Spring (Starts late May, early June) and Fall (Starts late September, early October). Currently delivering and watching the plants grow!  TentativeMonday 12-1 at Red Cross on Bull Street. Tues at Aflac. TBD


Items available this Spring: Green and colored beans, zucchini, yellow squash, okra- green and red, a variety of heirloom, regular and cherry tomatoes, tomatillios, broccoli, carrots, watermelon, cucumbers, corn, beets, spinach, Swiss chard, green bell peppers, Crowder peas, and butternut squash.


AVAILABLE AT THE END OF THE SUMMER! We also grow Jerusalem artichokes by the bushel! They are great for having pretty (but tall) flowers for bees nearby, but more importantly, they are a tuber vegetable that can be made just like a potato without all the starch! Perfect for diabetic diets, the can be boiled and mashed, fried, sauteed, eaten raw in a salad etc. They are slightly nutty and very nutritious with very low calories. Send me a note if you are interested to try them!



WEEKLY FOOD BOX (aka Crop Share)


LEF offers a few options with our weekly or crop share "boxes". All of these contain whatever veggies are available that week and can be scheduled for a specific day to either meet or pick up from us. The farm is in Windsor (close to Aiken) but we also spend about half our time in Columbia, so we can be a little flexible about where you want to meet. We will use baskets which you may bring back to be refilled or tell us what size and we will weigh an appropriate paper bag full.


Small- $12- feeds 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children/ week



Small season (6 weeks)= $65




Medium- $18- feeds approximately 4- 2 adults/ 2 children/ week



Medium season (6 weeks)= $99




Large- $25- feeds a large family or is good for making batches of ready to eat meals (think spaghetti, lasagna, soup to eat and freeze.)



Large season (6 weeks)= $125




All items are able to be bought separately at $1.50/ lb- $2.00/lb (item depending) if you don't want one of the boxes/ baskets above. Please click on the order now button and tell us what you'd like to order.

Preserves- small- $2.50

Preserves- large- $3.50​

Salsa- $3.50

Zucchini muffins- large- .50/ea



Small Farm, Large yield


LEF has plenty of space to grow, however we are currently only planting on approximately 1/2 acre. That being said, in 2014 and again in 2015, we had spring and fall planting seasons, yeilding enough to sell and can until the new planting season!

This spring we yielded approximately 205 lbs of potatoes, about 345 lbs of tomatoes, 115 lbs of green beans, etc for a season total of just over 1200 lbs. We had great sales this spring and Fall.


The soil is cultivated and supplemeted with a rich organic mushroom compost. Slugs are held at bay with brewed fair trade and organic coffee grounds. Deer are kept out by handmade cages around the plants and weeds are handpicked or hoed out. Read the blog for more updates!


We grow:



Potatoes (red skins and white skins)

Corn (bicolor)

Green beans (Blue Lake and Roma varieties, as well as a tricolored blend)

Yellow squash


Butternut Squash

Tomatoes (multiple varieties)



Swiss Chard


Bell Peppers



Okra- green and red



Crowder peas






Collard Greens


Mustard greens

Sweet Potatoes




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