Future home of the tomatoes

Digging and filling tomato holes with compost

Baby squash

baby squash

Purple top turnip

purple top turnip

The potatoes are going in!

planting potatoes

Bucket of sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes being rescued from the wet


a beet next to the dripline

zucchini blossom

These blossoms get larger than my hand

red potatos

Red potatoes are nice and hard with a delicious thin skin. Perfect for mashing, skins on, or potato salad.

potato plants

Our potato plants get mid-thigh high and are full and good producers.

okra flower

This flower will close and the center will become the center of the okra

Crazy corn rows

We grow several varieties of silver and white corn.

kid pick

This particular haul was about 10 or 15 minutes of a child's excitement (hence the variety in the baskets!)

Beets and rainbow carrots #nofilter #organic

so much fresh, delicious flavors

broccoli crowns

Our broccoli grows in nice, tight bunches. It's delicious and we pick it into early fall.

16 ft sunflower bloom

We always grow sunflowers for the bees and because they are pretty. These were 16 feet or taller. Look at that wide face!

green bean sprouts

Our green beans give and give. These are the baby plants.

Flowering beans

These are the mature green bean plants as they start to flower.

zucchini leaf

Zucchini is another veggie that we do extremely well. I love the heart shaped leaves!

green bell pepper

This bell pepper appears to be hiding. These plants are loaded with peppers the entire summer and into fall. The leaves are dark and glossy and the plants are waist high.

A small basket of veggies #nofilter

a small variety basket

Limited Edition Farms is organic- fresh, local and Certified SC Grown.



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